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Expression 2"apples and oranges [ تمت إجابته ]

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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Welcome Ladies and gentlemen 

Today's expression is 

apples and oranges 

this expression is so easy,  it means two things that fundamentally different 

You can't fault an apple for not being a good orange and can't fault an orange for not being a good apple 

To be more clear it's doesn't make sense to compare two different things 

For example 

We can't compare Jack and Dave it's like comparing apples and oranges 

try to give an example

And best answer will get 5 points ​​


if you liked my post or learned something new give it a voteup please 

And good luck ♥ smiley

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We can't compare between

Japanese and Djibouti, it's like

comparing apples and oranges
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Many people compare men and women its like comparing apples and oranges

Thank yousmiley

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Thanks a lot my dear heart

Nice information yes

My example 

My friend says to me to compare his watch with my watch 

And I say to him, are you seriously,  it's like apples and oranges 

Good luck for you and all

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It's just like don't titrate a fish because it cannot walk

Yeah..  Thank you
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many people comparing confidence with vanity 

I hope that it was clear 

nice to see you here again

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This compression it's  explain the big difference between men and women so we must to stop this unfair compression

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The people's characters are very different,some people love things you don't love it and you love things  the people don't like it.It not fair to blame someone who doesn't like what you like,so you not gauge to others Because you are different✌️
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