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Go easy on yourself [ تمت إجابته ]

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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Welcome Ladies and gentlemen 

I liked to share some of the expressions that I'm learning with you guys 

So the expression for today is "go easy on yourself "

If you told someone to go easy on themselves 

you're telling them to relaX,  rest and take care of themselves 

You could also say take it easy 

try to give an example about this expression 

The best comment will get the best answer 

If you liked my post or learn something new give me a voteup please 

Good luck ♥♥

تمت إجابته

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I liked your post very muchheart

You are right it's very important to be calm and take it easy all the time as that helps us to take the right decisionheart

It's worth saying that this post was very useful for me 

Thank you my dear sister heart

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Very good, you're welcome and good luck
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!!'come on man 

it’s ain’t the world’s end 

you can try again 

come on take it easy 

" by the way that was an amazing idea"

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Well done,your example is gorgeous
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Thank you dear sister
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You are welcome my sister ♥
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عجبتني مكنتش عارفاها

هستخدمها في حياتي اليوميه ⁦

شكرا لك ⁦❤️⁩✨
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عفواً و بالتوفيق♥
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That's nice..Thanks yes

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You are welcome,   and good luck
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