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في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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what's the difference between (sink and drown

 research about it it will be good for your knowledge and thanks alot
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Sink go down in water 

Drown go down in water and die 

what? Did you think I was drowning?

No, I just enjoy sinking myself into cold water.

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Sink is the act of submerging under water. Like when an object thrown in water weighs more than the water it displaces, it sinks down.

So, we can have a sinking ship, a sunk boat, a sunk box etc.

Drown means suffocating under water and dying. Thus, is a person jumps in water and doesn’t know swimming, he would be sinking. If someone saves him and pulls him to the shore, he will not drown. However, if no one helps him, he will be suffocated under water and die (one word – drown).


1) The boat sank, 15 passengers drowned.

2) Suresh is in the ICU. He is sinking (Note: Sinking here means his condition is deteriorating).

3) Everyone thought Sudha was drowned when she emerged from under the water and jumped up.

4) This company will sink if something big is not done soon
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sink...just go down

drown...go down and die
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Sink يعني تغوص داخل الماء بدون ما تغرق يني تعوم

Drown يعني تكون داخل الماء يعني غرقان يعني لا تستطيع الخروج

اتمنى يكون الشرح واضح
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نعم شكرا لك لقد كان السؤال بمثابة تحدي وأنا أعرفه الحمد لله.
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الحمد لله الشكر لك
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Sink تعني يغرق للأشياء والسفن مثلThe ship sank in the sea 

أما Drown يغرق بالنسبه للأشخاص 

The ship sank in the sea and five people  drowned

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