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What is the best way to write a graph (bar chart) [ تمت إجابته ]

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How can I write the best graph about bar chart

Do you have any ideas about it

If you have, let me know

Thanks for everyone watched it and wrote comment
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A summary of a chart (informative)

New Media


Paragraph 1

Give an overview of the information in the chart and include:

 a sentence that describes the chart (e.g. what, where, when and who)

 The chart/ graph shows …

 The chart / graph illustrates…

 a description of the main trends shown in the chart

 Overall, in (2010)…

 The main trend shown by the chart is …

 In general, between (year) and (year) …

Paragraph 2

Write a more detailed description of the trends in the chart(s) and highlight significant result, similarities

or differences.

 Both (genders/ countries/ groups etc.) …

 Similarly, …

 The most significant difference is…

 In contrast, …

Paragraph 3

Summarise the key findings shown in the chart.

 To summarise, …

 To conclude, …
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (164 نقاط)  
Thank you to explain it to me
بواسطة طالب محترف (4.5ألف نقاط)  
U're welcome=
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I had a course about writing in zamericanenglish level 1.

 It was amazing but I don't know if this course will come in taleek or not.
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