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Reading mood [ تمت إجابته ]

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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Hello guys hope you all are doing well.

Since we all know the importance of reading, especially in the language you learn, I have an idea.

What about sharing a summary of English stories and you guys tell me what you understand or learn from them?

Analyzing English stories is my major by the way ❤️
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بواسطة طالب محترف (2.7ألف نقاط)  
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I agree with you

let's improve our skills
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
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That's an epic idea. Thank you so much ☺️

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
Thanks dear ❤️
بواسطة طالب متحمس (1.5ألف نقاط)  
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Good idea
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.0ألف نقاط)  
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.It's agood idea my friend
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.0ألف نقاط)  
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i agree with you

بواسطة طالب جديد (12 نقاط)  
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What a nice idea!!
So excited to read what you'll suggest
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
Hope u gonna love them ❤️
You can see my first one and comment on it, and there is a new one, too, waiting to be accepted
بواسطة طالب محترف (3.7ألف نقاط)  
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Great Idea. you can start now and give us the first summery of your story laugh

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
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I'm glad you like it ❤️
I'll ; wait for me
بواسطة طالب متحمس (905 نقاط)  
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Nice ideawink

بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (156 نقاط)  
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That is a good idea.We can also ask and answer questions about it.
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
Of course
You will tell me the moral lesson by analyzing the story
You can check my first summary ; hope you like it
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