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Before I start,I'd love to tell I've got a bunch of exams that will start next week, I didn't start revising yet, but I already studied some subjects so, دعواتكم معي

Now let's get started

Compliment يجامل

He didn't mean to insult you, he was just complimenting you

Warm hearted قلبه كبير

His weekness is he's too warm hearted

Playful يحب اللعب (صفة)

I am not very playful, but I usually win games
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He was just complimenting me to shut me up, he pissed me off

  I did something against the school law and my friend came with me with all her courage and indifference, she was rlly warm hearted

You're the most playful person I've ever seen


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I'll take that as a compliment on both counts

The speech that we have heard from him shows that he is a warm     hearted man

My neighbour's dog is very playful


May God bless you with good exams and good marks

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He was always a very friendly, outgoing and warm-hearted personality.


She is openminded, direct, and adventurous, taking life in a playful and pleasurable way.


Thank you so much for your help - I hope one day I'll be able to return/repay the compliment (= do something good for you).


Just that.

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