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في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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submit يخضع

You should be strong, and never submit to others

injury إصابة

He wasn't going fast when he had that accident, that's why he doesn't have serious injuries

glorious يستحق الفخر

It's glorious that we beat the enemy

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السلام عليكم 

كيف  حالك ؟

هذا ما في جعبتي 

In our time, it's glorious some who does good despite suffering the most heinous injuries, whether psychological or physical, and doesn't submit to the laws of the corrupt,

بالتوفيق ..............

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He submitted the registration form to the doctor

Ken couldn't compete in the race because he had an injury

Keep going 

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he wanted to start his business rather to submit the exhausting work laws

Every little good thing you do in ur day is glorious

my last accident injury forced me to inter an operating room

If there is any mistake, I'll be thankful if u correct them

Thank u
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الأول ازيك عامله ايه 

ومبروووك عليك اصبحت طالب متحمس ❤️✨ 

الجمل :" 

She decided to resign from the party rather than submit herself to the new rules. 

They were lucky to escape (without) injury.

a memorial to the glorious dead of two world wars .

بتمنى تعجبك وبالتوفيق ❤️✨ 

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