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8 help tips to teach a child foreign languages

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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8 help tips for teaching children foreign languages

Learning foreign languages has become an window through which you can open up to the cultures of the peoples of the world and learn about various scientific information and developments, so experts stress the need to teach the child more than one language from a young age so that he learns it well and grows with him to benefit from it when you grow up, and because we care about the interest of your dear child we will give you some tips to help teach him foreign languages.

"First advice:

In order to succeed in teaching your child any foreign language you must initially master, and have a wide knowledge of it so that you can answer all your child's questions and queries if he or she does not understand the meaning of a word or vocabulary.

Second advice:

Teach him the names of the things around him in the language you want to learn, especially the things he uses on a daily basis such as the game, bed, window, chair, food, clothes, tree, flowers, and make sure you repeat them in front of him constantly, which will prevent them from being forgotten.


Third advice:

It is important to create a dialogue between you and your child using the foreign language you want to learn provided that the dialogue is simple and relates to topics related to his daily life, this will encourage him to use the sentences and vocabulary he knows to prove more in his mind.

Advice 4:

Enriching your child's library with short stories written in foreign language will show them a large amount of new vocabulary and meanings, and the electronic devices your child uses for this language should help him learn them easily.

Advice 5:

Relying on language-learning games, it offers a range of activities and exercises that motivate the child to link words and images, which makes it easier to learn quickly because the brain is able to retrieve images more than information.

Advice 6:

Encourage your child to follow programs, movies and cartoon series in foreign language and during viewing ask him to translate some of the phrases that the characters repeat, this will help you learn them without feeling compelled to do so.

Advice 7:

The child is fast-paced in nature so don't press him to learn to speak a foreign language, but try to give the education process an atmosphere of fun and entertainment, which will encourage him to focus with you, learn and absorb them very quickly.

Advice 8:

Children's songs play a big role in teaching languages so be sure to encourage your child to hear them on a daily basis, listening to them makes it easier to save, and some songs are accompanied by physical movements, which makes learning them fun.

The importance of learning foreign languages during childhood:

Scientific studies have confirmed that learning a second language during childhood helps develop mental abilities and increase intelligence.

Learning foreign languages at a young age is easier and more automatic than learning when you grow up.

The foreign language increases the child's skills and should be encouraged to learn other skills such as playing and drawing.

Learning foreign languages helps children study later, especially during secondary and university levels.

The foreign language enhances the child's self-confidence as he or she is able to communicate with people outside his or her social environment.


If you want to build a successful future for your child, you should help him learn a foreign language, so don't hesitate to use previous advice, it will make it easier for him to learn and master hopefully.

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