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Tips that make your first school year special

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Is it your first year in college! No doubt you've heard thousands of legends and adventures about university life, from campus, course materials, classrooms, assignments and exams, student clubs, recreational activities, and many more. Now it's time to try it all on your own and create your own story. You may feel some mixed feelings such as fear, anxiety and enthusiasm from going through the experience. But don't worry! All those temporary feelings, and we've also prepared six tips to help you through the first weeks of college, start your school year and make it a special year.

Take a tour around campus

At the beginning of school you will feel a kind of dread, the university is different from the school with its large areas and buildings, so try to tour around the campus before the start of the official work to get to know the buildings and places of your lectures without feeling lost

Don't miss the first day.

The university devotes the first days of study to presentations and a simplified explanation of the nature of the subject and the teacher of the course, you may feel that it is a bit boring but do not think this way, the first days of study will form a clearer picture of what you will study in the following days, and give you the opportunity to meet people who may share the same interests, do not miss these days, especially the first day so that you do not feel isolated or that you are strange from the place later

Organize your time

Of course, you'll have to wake up early for your classrooms, so you'd better organize your time by creating a study schedule so you can determine when you'll study and when to set aside for other activities. Time organization is the key to achieving your study goals and success. Properly organizing and planning your studies can save you a lot of time and problems as your tests approach. Follow this method from your first year in college and you'll see how you'll get used to organizing your time over the years to come.

Be close to your teachers.

Each teacher has his own teaching and information explanation style, you may find it difficult to deal with some teachers at first but over time you will adapt to each teacher's own style. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for a re-explanation if you don't understand a particular point, be nice, loved and close to your teachers

Take part in extracurricular activities

The university is much more than just classrooms and exams, the university is a diverse environment that offers you all the possibilities that help you to develop both academically and personally. Don't make your college life boring! Nothing but study, try to integrate with the university community by participating in student activities, attending events, seminars, etc., you'll definitely find something that interests you and suits your interests. Getting involved in university activities is always a good opportunity to meet new people at your university.

Make strong social friendships and connections

Don't think you're the only one who feels alone on your first school day, but a lot of new students will also feel the same fears. Why don't you use this time to meet new people in your life? Don't make fear dominate you, but beat it and take the opportunity to get to know new friends who may find that you are similar to them in interests or may share different interests. Engaging with others enhances the learning experience and gives a different flavor to university life.

Good luck, and I'll see you at the top.

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