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Once upon a time.. there was a child living in a small village and he was from a poor family, and this child could not continue to study because of his mother’s death, so he left school and worked in the market and after a while he became a language teacher and many people studied and learned through her while he Classy person _____ Question: Who is the owner of this story?!

من فضلك سجل دخولك أو قم بتسجيل حساب للإجابة على هذا السؤال

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Oh, ummmm

Wow , Is it a real story? !

I guess he is Mr .Ibrahim? !
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 Fantastic story

The owner of this story is Mr.ibrahim

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Mr Ibrahim Adel
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After his father's death not his  mother's death
بواسطة طالب محترف (3.8ألف نقاط)  
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All of the answers in here are wrong because mr Ibrahim's mother didn't die

And the story is not logical because he can continue studying at school because the father is alive so why he went to

سبحان الله قصة اعجب من الاجابات هههههههه
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 ❤great story

.❤ Our wonderful teacher Mr Ibrahim Adel

.smileyThank you

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