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What is the difference between " on " "upon " [ تمت إجابته ]

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I have a problem with these words

Can you help me to understand me what is the difference

And thanks
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“On” is the more general and inclusive preposition, and generally can be used in place of “upon” in nearly all situations.

“Upon” is a less common and more formal preposition used when referring to occasions, events or abstract situations, but not normally referring to physical objects: you would not say “Please put the coffee cup upon the table”, for example.


 the occasion of his eldest daughter’s wedding, he gifted the couple with a manor house in the country.

 her mistress.

(“On” would also work in either of the above sentences, being the more general of the two prepositions.)
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الاتنين بنستخدمهم لتحديد موقع شئ ولكن "upon" أكثر رسميه وليها استخدامات اكتر من "on" واحده من الاستخدامات ممكن تيجي بمعني بعد
He began exercising upon his surgery and got healthier faster
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