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A piece of cake

 مصطلح يقال عن شيء سهل جدا

Break the ice

 مصطلح يقال عندما يراد كسر الجمود والشروع بمحادثة


1⃣(to) come out with = to release (as in a product or service)


Mark has come out with a new line of "eco jeans" made from organic cotton.

2⃣(to be) only a matter of time before= - to be sure to happen.


The stoplight at the intersection is broken. It's only a matter of time before there's an accident.

❗️Note: You will sometimes see this expression as "it's just a matter of time before." Also, you may hear the variation "it's only a matter of time until."

3⃣(to) enter the market = to start competing; to become a competitor


 Apple entered the market for cell phones in 2007 with the iPhone.

4⃣(to) make money hand over fist = to make a lot of money, often quickly or easily.


Mike is making money hand over fist by buying old apartment buildings, renovating them, and then renting them out.

5⃣(to) eat one's lunch = to take away one's business.


Our competitor's new cell phone offers more features than ours at a cheaper price. If we don't act quickly, they're going to eat our lunch.

6⃣(to) push the panic button= to panic suddenly; to overreact.


 Our soccer team has lost four games in a row, but we're not ready to push the panic button yet.

7⃣I have my sources= I know people who have information (say this when you don't want to say who gave you some information)

Example: "Who told you that Jack is planning to leave the company?"- "I have my sources"

8⃣Out with it = Tell me; Don't hold back the information.


The teacher said, "Out with it! Who drew this picture of me on the blackboard?"
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