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Small Auto Accident

JANE: "Hi Carol. Did you get a new car?"

CAROL: "Hi Jane. No, this is a rental car. I was in an auto accident yesterday."

JANE: "Are you ok?"

CAROL: "Yeah. My back hurts a little, but luckily I wasn t seriously injured."

JANE: "Did you go to the hospital?"

CAROL: "Yeah. I went there this morning. The doctor took some did x-rays. Nothing is serious. I just have some bruises."

JANE: "I m glad you are ok. Was there another car involved?"

CAROL: "Yeah, the other driver rear-ended me at a red light."

JANE: "Wow! Is he or she ok?"

CAROL: "Yeah. He seemed ok at the scene."

JANE: "This could ve been a serious accident."

CAROL: "I know. We were both lucky."

JANE: "Where is your car? Is it getting fixed?"

CAROL: "No. It s too damaged to be repaired. It s at the junkyard now."

JANE: "That's terrible. Is your insurance going to pay for a new car?"

CAROL: "Well, it was the other driver s fault, so his insurance is going to take care of it."

JANE: "That s good. Are you going to buy the same type of car?"

CAROL: "I think so. I loved that car. It protected me in this accident.
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