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How has school time turned into an inhilful time?

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As the exams are approaching, psychological and academic pressure on students begins. Because of the many distracts of our time, study has become a laborious process, and requires great patience and effort. In the minds of most students, study time is often associated with extreme boredom due to their inability to organize it well. But can we turn the boring study time into a time to enjoy?

The next steps will show you on the road

Psychological preparation before starting study

Your mental state directly affects the way you handle things, so try to start your day with a good mood and an active body to listen to what you do throughout the day, whether working, studying, or even going for a walk! Find something that makes you happy to be the first thing you do every morning, for example set your phone alarm to your favorite song instead of your usual alarm ringtone

Note: Don't forget to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast to provide your body with the activity necessary to practice the rest of your daily work regularly

Set yourself a goal

Put your goal in front of your eyes in order to encourage yourself to continue to succeed to achieve your goal. For example, write your goal on a large paper and stick it on the wall in front of you, and look at it before you start studying, imagine your joy outweighing you and you will accept the study with great vigor and vigor, consider it again whenever you feel lazy

Before you start, organize your books, papers and everything you need while studying

One of the most stressful things psychologically and physically is your constant feeling that something is missing, or that you are not familiar with all the lessons you are supposed to study for the exam, so organize your things and papers well and start studying regularly

Not for long study hours

Organize your time correctly and do not press yourself with a huge amount of information and continuous study without rest. Section the book for various parts at small intervals and make each period a specific goal and achieve it, for example, achieve the first chapter of the hour as such an hour. Or watch TV and then go back to study more actively

Various styles and different places

Use various and fun methods while studying, for example, when you finish a chapter in the book, test yourself by placing questions in various papers and then fold and scatter them, and start choosing them one by one. You can also use colored pencils and drawings to save shapes and terms, making study time Fun and interesting. And also change your place of sitting and your place of study every now and then to feel change and break boredom

It is true that studying and exams is a tiring process and a difficult stage, but make your determination and determination a permanent weapon for him and make studying a fun and fun process.

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...That's really awesome

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Good evening

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It’s nice information

Keep going
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السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ❤️ 

Good evening ❤️ 

Well done 

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