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Ain Binhai Cultural Library in China.. An architectural and cultural masterpiece for reading lovers

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Ain Binhai Cultural Library in China.. An architectural and cultural masterpiece for reading lovers

The “Ain Binhai Cultural Library” is one of the most prominent landmarks that China dazzled the whole world with its creativity in its design, which was opened during October 2017, and marked a major celebration involving senior state officials and a group of artists

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Binhai area has been chosen as “Tianjin City” because it is one of China's most populous cities of about 15 million people

reason for naming

The library was named Binhai's eye because it is designed in a wavy shape as an eye


The “Eye Binhai Cultural Library” is designed by the international Dutch company TUPDI in collaboration with the Tianjin Institute of Planning and Design. The library has a special architectural character that is unparalleled, as it is characterized by its oval shape, which resembles the sea wave, which is spread over an area of 34 thousand square meters, and consists of five roles that are very magnificence and excellence. and languages

The library contains rooms on the ground floor that are used for reading and for many purposes such as the large hall for reading and conducting research and studies, and other halls in the hall, departments and offices, as well as meeting places, computer rooms and audio at the top

The library is painted in white, which helps relax nerves and clear mind to study and read. Each floor contains many wide shelves that allow the reader to sit in it and enable him to rise to the upper floors, and the middle floor is a huge crystal ball that gives the place a sense of sense Very beautiful and wonderful


First, with the library's design in China's largest city and the most attractive for tourists, China has been able to increase its economic income by attracting as many people interested in reading and attractive views

Second: The library has gained fast popularity, especially through social media sites because it includes a collection of expensive and precious books in various fields and from all over the world sought after by readers and those interested in culture, science and literature.

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