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On the year leave.. How to learn a new skill in record time?

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With the start of summer vacation, it is better to learn new skills that develop your self and personality, and some may find it difficult to learn, so there are 11 basic tips that make it easier for you to learn any new skill in a short time, according to Aragik

1. The Pareto Principle

Learn 20% of the skill that will make it easier for you to learn the remaining 80%, such as French. As an example, it will not take time to learn any language until you realize that there are some terms and sentences that are used extensively in the language you learn. Learning that will bring 80% of the results, known as the “Pareto Principle

2. Self-punishment

Develop a method of punishing yourself when you are engaged in learning, for example, pay money to one of your friends if you find yourself a leak that you do not learn and agree with him not to return it to you or if you professionally can return it to the skill you have acquired.

3. Register

Watching yourself in a video explaining your progress or feedback to yourself is an effective way to learn from your mistakes, motivate yourself, or record your voice notes on your phone for later retracting

4. Join a learning group

Joining a group that has countless benefits, not only learning from others, but you'll find yourself more excited to learn with them and create a spirit of competition with others, and what more learning groups now via Facebook and online Join a group that has the same desire to learn the same skill

5. Tradition

You want to learn a certain skill. Watch someone's videos successfully doing it, imitating them and learning from their mistakes, this will save you a lot of time and effort. YouTube has thousands of videos available in almost all fields

6. Visualization

The mind has a great difficulty in distinguishing between what is imaginary and what is real, so successful athletes do exercise and see their success mentally before the real exercise and do the real thing, imagine yourself doing the skill you want to acquire and do it successfully and with a big card

7. Practice

It's easy to read and gather information about doing something without trying to do or practice it. This is like someone who loves football and all he does is encourage and memorize the names of the players. You won't become a football player unless you play football, you won't become a programmer unless you program and write software codes

8- Take care of short comfort

Don't stray yourself in learning, but take short breaks each period of learning and practice ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, so don't take to learn without the breaks of rest you take. Your brain is learning faster with that method

9. Establish a place of learning

Make sure you set up the place to learn faster, get rid of distractions like social networks, lose email, phone and stuff, and keep your focus on what you learn

10. Reward yourself

Whenever you succeed in learning, reward yourself and celebrate your little achievements, in a way that your brain will connect work and achievement to that joy you make after every progress you make.

11. Enjoy

Enjoying as you learn is the only way to stay excited and have the motivation to learn new things

Good luck. I'll see you at the top.

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