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Your mood is bad and you feel contiguous in the morning? What do you do to eliminate this feeling

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We all lived that day when you open your eyes in the morning to feel a weight inside your soul and an incomprehensible constriction of reasons, try to resist this feeling and get up from your bed to find that everything is going in the negative direction, look in the mirror to feel that your face has something of fatigue and suddenly stand out in front of you all the flaws of your face, go to make breakfast to find a bad mood accompanying you

In short, you wake up to feel unwell and find it very difficult to engage in routine and simple daily activities, and every act, no matter how small, turns into a load on your back, if you have suffered from it — and you must have suffered — don't be alarmed and make sure this is a natural feeling experienced by almost all the world's population.

You woke up with an incomprehensible contraction: the reasons for that

The early hours of the morning are vital times of the day and what we do with them and our reception affects the general state of the day and our mood and psychological state, which reflects on the performance of daily tasks, the degree to which we do business and human relations in general. So receiving the day with an arrested heart has an unmistakable effect that accompanies you for the rest of the day, and you're likely to reach the end of the day and you have a lot of failures to sleep with the weight of incompreciation to wake up the next day with a bigger constriction.

Talking here about that bad feeling that surprises you for no obvious reason, if you're going through a bad psychological circumstance like breaking up with a partner or dying of your friend or having a big problem at work or having a medical diagnosis of anxiety and depression, all those reasons make it understandable and based on the diagnosis you can deal with it in an appropriate way

Constriction in the morning means harmful eating habits and a messy routine.

It's likely that if you see a nightmare in your sleep, you wake up with a heart arrested, and if you wake up to a phone call with bad news, you spend your first morning hours in a bad mood, but here we're not going to talk about those reasons that everyone expects, we'll talk about the hidden causes that we often overlook, yet play a key role in our mood, especially in the morning.

A healthy dinner means a good mood in the morning.

A hard-to-digest dinner with lots of sugars and carbohydrates leads to difficulty sleeping, thus not taking a proper break, causing fatigue and fatigue

Studies indicate that the specific area of the frontal lobe of the brain that promotes negative emotions is activated by lack of sleep. Nutritionists therefore advise that you should have dinner two to three hours before bedtime and try to balance proteins and carbohydrates and stay away from sugar-rich foods such as chocolate.

It is also recommended to eat foods that contain tryptophan, an important amino acid and is an essential ingredient in serotonin formation known as happiness hormone, which helps improve mood and regulate sleep cycles, and is rich in eggs, nuts, dairy products and soybean-containing products.

Foods containing tramaine, an amino acid, should also be avoided because it prevents sleep in the evenings such as smoked fish

Magnesium level disorder in the blood

Magnesium is the fourth element in terms of presence within the human body and has many vital roles within the body, the most important of which is to reduce mood disorders, the magnesium ratio can be reduced as a result of excessive stress and lack of regulation of sleep and complacency in taking rest times, from natural sources to get magnesium spinach, bananas and oatmeal

An unregulated day that causes distress and weight.

The accumulation of stress and lack of time and appointments causes stress and stress, if you wake up from your sleep and take your mind in your first moments all that needs to be accomplished in the day without knowing the action plan that you have to follow and the steps necessary for it, it is imperative that you will not feel comfortable but will feel stressed and distressed

You can avoid this pressure by preparing to do list a daily to-do list, in which you divide everything you have to complete and arrange it from the most important to the least taking into account your waking periods, there are those who pay more attention in the morning and there are those who can do better in the afternoon

Good luck, and I'll see you at the top.

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السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته ❤️ 

مساء الخير ❤️ 

Great topic and great advice, well done brother 

بالتوفيق ❤️⁦(✿^‿^)⁩ 

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وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
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Thank you very much for the advice, the way you give it and your english are really awsome and at a very high level
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Thank you for saying
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شكرا اخي علي كل هذااااااااااا المجهوووود الكبييييييير جداااااااا دة

بارك الله فيك اخي
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الشكر لله ❤️
و فيك أخي الكريم
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Good job

It’s a great information

Keep going my bro
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Thank you so much for saying
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