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Charlie chaplin Biography 2

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Arrives in the United States

In 1910 Chaplin went to the United States to tour in A Night in an English Music Hall. He was chosen by filmmaker Mack Sennett (1884–1960) to appear in the silent Keystone comedy series. In these early movies ( Making a Living, Tillie's Punctured Romance ), Chaplin changed his style. He stopped overacting and became more delicate and precise in his movements. He created the role of "the tramp."

Appearing in over thirty short films, Chaplin realized that the speed and craziness of Sennett's productions was holding back his personal talents. He left to work at the Essanay Studios. Some of his films during this period were His New Job, The

Tramp, and The Champion, notable for their comic and sympathetic moments. His 1917 films for the Mutual Company, including One A.M. , The Pilgrim, The Cure, Easy

Street, and The Immigrant, displayed sharper humor. In 1918 Chaplin built his own studio and signed a million-dollar contract with National Films, producing silent-


screen classics such as A Dog's Life, comparing the life of a dog with that of a

tramp; Shoulder Arms, which poked fun at World War I (1914–18); and The Kid, a touching story of slum life.

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❤ Good evening my dear Amal 

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Thank you for your kindness my dear❤️
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Great  Amal ❤  

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Thank you for kindness my dear
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