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Once upon a day, a poor man decided to become rich,
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once upon a day , a poor man decided to become rich despite the fact that he used to sell some of the cut fabrics for a dollar in a market .. a man bought him a piece of cloth and give him 100 dollars .. the owner of the fabrics from his trust went behind him and said the price of the cloth is only one dollar the man was happy his integrity and asked him to work with him .. the owner of the fabrics agreed .... and he has a car . a house . and a lot of money ... the end .

أشكرك علي أسئلتك النشطة .... استمر

بواسطة طالب متحمس (739 نقاط)  
That is great
بواسطة طالب اسطوري (11.6ألف نقاط)  
Thank you my bro
بواسطة طالب متحمس (972 نقاط)  
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And one day he became a rich man

The end 


بواسطة طالب محترف (3.5ألف نقاط)  
حلوة والله
بواسطة طالب متحمس (972 نقاط)  
شكرا ^_^
بواسطة طالب محترف (3.5ألف نقاط)  
عفواا : )
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
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He woke up one day and decided to work in any place .

This man's luck was by him . When he went to the first place ,he got a job because it was a new place. His salary wasn't enough, but he was satisfied with that. Day by day ,his work place was getting bigger.he used to save a part of his salary in the bank. After some months ,he became rich and bought a new house and started a good life.

What I want you to learn from this story is don't lose hope and fight for your goals☺️
بواسطة طالب متميز (1.9ألف نقاط)  
حاضر يا رنا هحارب لتحقيق احلامي
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
ربنا يعينك ويعينا جميعا ☺️
بواسطة طالب متميز (1.5ألف نقاط)  
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HE worked hard but there is some thing he did not do  he did not ask Allah to help him to be rich  he intended to be rich by his own     that is why Aallah did  not allow him to progress    in one day his mother said to him  if you want to  have money    you should pray to Allah and praise him to give you what you want      

After that the man knew his fault and  attempted to fix  it     so at the end of the story  he became a welthy man  


Put your Trust on  Allah and try hard then you will success
بواسطة طالب متميز (1.9ألف نقاط)  
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SO he wrote his goals and tried to creat a plan to achieve them.. He thought about actions that were required to reach his goals....

مين هيكمل
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (230 نقاط)  
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A person tried to satisfy their God and their parents to go to heaven
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (214 نقاط)  
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انا ساكمل ثاني جملة One day, a poor man decided to get rich

So he took an ax and headed toward a dense forest far from his small village


?Can any of you imagine what he will find therecool

بواسطة طالب متحمس (972 نقاط)  
A wolf ?? ;)
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (214 نقاط)  
You were close to my thinking
The hyena was eating the remains of a rotten animal
    But surprisingly, the poor man was able to understand what the hyena was saying, or perhaps the hyena was able to speak a human language.
?What did he say in your opinion
بواسطة طالب متحمس (739 نقاط)  
You have a wide imagination
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (214 نقاط)  
Thanks for the courtesy. It's just that I love to read
But the story I've envisioned is a little long so I'm lazy to write it
بواسطة طالب متحمس (972 نقاط)  
He said what are you doing here
 The poor man said can you help me I'm very poor I want to be rich
The hyena response no I can't help you because I'm hungry show me the way to food and I'll help you...
بواسطة طالب متميز (2.1ألف نقاط)  
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so he go to searsh for work in the imperor's palace
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (214 نقاط)  
تكتب search بدلا من searsh
اما imperor's فتكتب emperor's
بواسطة طالب متحمس (739 نقاط)  
He went instead  of go
بواسطة طالب متحمس (957 نقاط)  
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this man was thinking a lot, he always thought and thought and he has thought so far  

sad!!It's a very short storysad​​​​​​

بواسطة طالب متحمس (739 نقاط)  
You can make it a long story
بواسطة طالب متحمس (957 نقاط)  
It appears a flash odd decision, maybe he wanted to avenge of someone ! so I guess he will be a dangerous man
 ?better now
بواسطة طالب مبتدئ (199 نقاط)  
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And he started to work hard every   day without any laze
بواسطة طالب جديد (93 نقاط)  
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It is a sad story I was living happily to have a beautiful boy, but after six months my mind and my heart stopped together because he passed away 4 years ago

I am so sorry but it was a truth story

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