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في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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Over every mountain there's a path although it may not be seen from the valley.

And so are some of the goals in life  you want to achieve them but  don't know the right way, so change your way in thinking and work hard , then enjoy the life by achieving dreams .

Enjoy :  take delight or pleasure in an activity or occasion 

  Valley: a low area between hills or mountains , typically with a river or stream flowing through it.

Now, use those two words to make simple sentences.

Good luck for you all 

( the photo is by me did you like it ? ) .

تمت إجابته

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l enjoy staying in valleys instead of cities

it is beautiful

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Good evening, Jasmina
Thanks for your answer and your thought about the photo glad you liked it.
Best wishes for you dear ❤️❤️
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i always enjoy watching that valley at the morning

the photo is beautiful , i liked it .

keep going
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Good evening:
A really great answer thanks a lot and thanks, too, for your opinion about the photo .
Good luck for you....
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The horses thundered across the valley

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!

For the photo, it's very beautiful. You're creative
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Good evening:
Really a great answer thanks a lot and thanks for tour opinion, too .
Good luck for you....
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ميرسي هذه المناشير دائما تعلمني شيئا عندما اضطر ان اترجم
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Good morning 

I enjoy reading books 

There was snow on the hill tops but not in the valley. 

It is so beautiful 

Thank you a lot of 

Good luck  

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Good morning, Ruba how are you doing dear ❤️
Thanks a lot for your great answer, words and opinion .
My best wishes ❤️
بواسطة طالب عالمي (6.6ألف نقاط)  
I'm fine , what about you
You're welcome my dear ❤️
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Good night Rana❤❤❤firstly: thanks for your asking my dear friend

Secondly: I loved your picture and your qoute

Finally : my sentence is

I enjoy spending my free time in travelling to valleys and mountains.

Great job my dear friend 

Keep going

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
Mervat ❤️ Good morning dear missed you a lot how are you doing now ? Are you better ? From a several days I noticed that you're absent, so I send a massage for you but I found no response I asked Ganna if she knows any thing about you she said that you're sick and told them about that but really I didn't know that doesn't matter now ... How are you ❤️.
Mervat , what are you thanking me for ? You're my friend and I have to ask Where are you if I don't do this , who will ??
Thanks a bunch for your opinion glad you liked the photo and your answer is really attractive .
Thanks, Mervat and my best wishes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
بواسطة طالب متميز (1.7ألف نقاط)  
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I liked your guote and your picture so much

enjoy music 

A river runs down through the valley

Keep goingyes

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
Good morning, Nuha ❤️
Thanks a lot for your nice words, opinion and answer .
Great job .. Best wishes for you ❤️❤️
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I enjoy your company

Egyptian civilization emerged in the Nile Valley

The image is very very beautiful .II like it

heartThanks Rana

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
Good morning, Soly ❤️
Really great sentences and answer thanks a lot ❤️
Glad you liked the image .
Good luck for you ❤️
بواسطة طالب محترف (4.3ألف نقاط)  
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Enjoy :

Enjoy every single moment of your life ,life is short


My uncle lives in the valley

The photo is woooowyes

you are amazing❤❤❤

بواسطة طالب متميز (2.3ألف نقاط)  
Hello Bayan how are you doing?
Thanks a lot my dear for your answer and nice words glad you loved the photo .
My best wishes for you sister ❤️❤️❤️
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