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just in English ! 3

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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we will speak about learning and how we learn 

# اكتب جملة او اتنين لكى تدع فرصة المشاركات الأخرى . 

hint : speak about your way of learning and what do you learn . 

من فضلك سجل دخولك أو قم بتسجيل حساب للإجابة على هذا السؤال

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First : in fact there are a lot of ways   i use to learn, but usually i use app taleek and app zAmericanEnglish

About what i learn now

I learn English
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السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته 

I learn from internet , there are a lot of things I am curious a bout it , so in my opinion this is the best way to learn what you want  

Thanks a bunch for your efforts ,Keep going and don't give up 

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I am totally agree with you
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مفهمت كيف نتكلم عن "كيف نتعلم"

we can learn from internet and from many famous and good web sites

also, We can learn in online classes with teachers ,and that's what's happening now ,many students learn from home because the Coronavirus

أ هكذا تقصد ؟ .

.. هذه سلسلة جميلة , اتمنى ان تستمر بها 

دمتَ بخير وبسعادة

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نعم ، هذا ما كنت اقصدة
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I learn English from internet through a Zamerican English app  and a    Taleek channel
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We can learn from many sourse like schools or get course or through internet.And I think the internet is the best way to learn anything.In internet, there's many choices and videos and people challenge to show you the best explains , sound , quality , photo and at the end, you're the refree .you choose the best way to learn. And from  my experience with learning on YouTube and Facebook  I can say it is the Best way to learn and get information, experience.


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بارك الله فيك وجزاك الله كل خير
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