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To drive somebody nuts

في تصنيف اللغه الانجليزيه
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Hi everyone 

How's it going with you all 

I disappeared for a few days

I don't know if you guys notice that or not laugh

Today's idiom is 

to drive somebody nuts

well,what this idiom simply mean is " to make someone feel extremely irritated or crazy 

for example 

A: what's wrong with you kate

B: i feel bad, my sister drive me nuts 

A: why she is not that's bad,just chill

B: she always stealing my own things and do many problems at the home. 

Did you understand what this idiom means?  I hope you did,  if you have any question about it I'll be always here to reply smiley

Try to create an example to keep the idiom in your heah

Don't forget to pronounce it loudly and use it in your life  to still remember it

If you guys enjoyed or learned something new, please give me a voteup 

Good luck  see you next time ♥"

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Hello my sister Tiba 

I cannot vote, and I don’t know why? But I enjoyed your method, your explanation was simple and I understood it thanks for participating 

 Hope not voting doesn't drive you nuts laugh

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Don't worry i understand haha  

This features "vote" it just for people who have 50 point
You'll be able to vote if you get 50 vote
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Good evening my good sister
Thank you for the information
I will help my brothers and sisters even if I cannot vote for them
Good luck,
may God reward you
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yeah I noticed that you really 

were not here for a while 

glad to being here again 

so, my way to say hello is 

you're disappeared drive me nuts

is that work

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